Odor Control

Are you a homeowner, property manager, realtor or business owner in need of Odor Control? If yes, rest assured knowing that we can combat this problem safely for you.  Unpleasant odors can make a home or business an unbearable place to be and getting rid of malodors can be a challenge.  Odors can penetrate deep into the surfaces of walls, carpeting, and objects making them difficult to remove and masking the smell with fragrances can only provide temporary relief.  Luckily we, at ServiceMaster Restoration by Fowler, specialize in Odor Control.

Our technicians have been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in Odor Control, and understand how to remove malodors from structures and contents.  We use cutting edge Hydroxyl technologies to combat malodors on a molecular level safely without the use of dangerous chemicals or gasses.  Our specialized equipment and techniques can treat odors in areas affected by  fire/smoke, sewage, nicotine smoke, pets, heavy cooking odors, decomposition and mold, and more!  Hydroxyl technology is Green as it occurs naturally in our atmosphere and is completely safe to people, pets and plants. Call ServiceMaster Restoration by Fowler to speak with us about getting your odor problems under control.