Flood & Water Damage Restoration

For any home or business facility, a property is always susceptible to water damages. Flood and water damage often sneaks up on properties, as it commonly occurs from burst or leaking pipes, poor drainage systems flooding basements, faults in your structure that allow rainfall to enter, malfunctioning appliances and through several other methods.  Flood and water damage is a major cause for concern, sometimes going unnoticed as they can occur in hidden areas of your property and are only detected when damages have become so great that it has penetrated through walls/ceilings or has grown large enough to become easily seen.  In other cases water damage can be quite apparent and needs immediate action to prevent further damages from occurring like a flooded basement or an overflowing washing machine.  Whatever the cause, ServiceMaster Restoration by Fowler is available 24-7 to provide you with a quick response and great service for any Water and Flood Damage needs.

Sewage Damage

If your property ever has its sewer lines backed up or becomes flooded with sewage, immediate action is needed. Sewage contains several contaminants that will render belongings and structures completely damaged. With sewage, not only will you need to address water damages, you need to factor in the damages that can be caused by bacteria, mold, and other hazardous materials, which can make the cleanup process highly difficult.

For professional Water and Sewage Damage Restoration, you can trust your local experts at ServiceMaster Restoration by Fowler. We’re the experts for water damage restoration, we will remove water and properly dry your property, provide the necessary cleaning and sanitizing services, and restore your property and belongings back to their proper states. For any type of water damage, always remember that swift action is key to a successful restoration, as the longer your items are sitting in water, the more damages they will accumulate. Contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Fowler today to begin services for Sewer or Water Damage Restoration.

Moisture Inspection

If you’ve noticed water stains on your ceilings drywall or increased levels of moisture or humidity within your residential or commercial property, contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Fowler for Moisture Inspection Services. With this service, we use specially designed equipment that will test your home or commercial facility’s air and structure moisture levels. A Moisture Inspection Service can be beneficial in detecting hidden or unseen water damages which may be increasing the moisture levels, creating a dangerous environment that microbials can thrive in.

To keep your property safe from water damage and mold growth, contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Fowler to provide Moisture Inspection Services.